Gone Fishing

When God calls us to leave the shores of our safety.

February 10, 2019

Are you busy washing your nets on the shore of life where it is safe?

How is God calling you?

Is there any particular person or group of persons for whom you feel a great deal of compassion? Might that be God putting that compassion in your heart?

In what deep waters might Jesus be calling you to go let down your nets?

The Goodwill Truck

The Goodwill truck comes once a month to the UMC parking lot.

The Imperial United Methodist Church’s parking lot hosts the Goodwill Truck monthly.

Goodwill Truck
Goodwill Truck

Dennis Batterman, seen here, and others contribute their time and effort to make sure our community continues to have this very valuable service.

The Goodwill Truck is just another way we as United Methodists have found to give back to our community.


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