I See the Lamb or Is it the Shepherd?

Many of us have our favorite image of Christ. We must be careful not to allow our image impede the understanding and belief of someone else.

The Lamb or The Shepherd? Both!
  • When you think of Jesus what image comes to mind? Why?
  • Multiple images for Christ might be confusing to a newcomer. How can we make it easier to understand for them? Should we?
  • Christ calls us to believe in him and become one of His sheep. What does that mean to you?


A lay person shares her personal testimony and the importance of family in her life.

Great Job, Charlotte!
  • Have you ever wanted to share your testimony? Why haven’t you?
  • Do you feel like the people you worship with are your family? Why or why not?
  • Have you ever thought about how Psalm 23 is applicable to your life? Try it.

Where Do I Go Now?

We all feel lost sometimes. How is it that you handle those times? Do you go fishing? Do you sit around the house brooding? Do you open yourself up to God’s love and express your love for Jesus Christ?

  • When was the last time you felt lost unable to determine where you should move next?
  • Have you ever heard God’s voice or felt a nudging that you were sure came from God? How did you respond?
  • Do you agree with John that it all begins with love?